SCR is a group of motorcyclists in the Sacramento area that is open to all levels of riders, new and experienced. Our mission is to provide riders of all types, regardless of your machine, a place to organize group rides, track days and social events. As a group, we promote and practice safe riding at all levels and encourage new riders to join the forum, get to know other members and LEARN.

How do you become a member? Simply click on the forum link and register! Once your username is approved by an administrator, post an introduction in the Newbie Intro forum and you’re in! Come on out to a ride or other events and see what it’s all about!

Sacramento Crotch Rockets was founded in Sacramento in 2004 by some local sport bike riders who just like to ride. SCR believes in creating a positive and safe riding environment for members as well as the sport bike riding community. We encourage you to register on the forum because that is where you will get all of the important information you will need. Whether you need mechanical tips, want to schedule/check for rides or just chat with other members, the forum is our best means of communicating. SCR is pretty laid back and most anyone is welcome to ride with us... however; we do have a couple of simple rules (for those of you who might want to join us for a ride).


If you want to ride with us, we require that you wear a quality jacket, helmet, gloves and proper footwear at the minimum.

We take safety very seriously, and we are trying to do our part to change the general public's perception of “squid bikers”. If you are in the process of getting equipment but don't have it in time for a ride, post on the forum and see if someone has extra gear that you can borrow.


If you're on one of our group rides, we expect you to ride safely, and within your limits.

If at any time your riding is considered to be unsafe to fellow riders or the public in general, you will be asked to refrain from any further unsafe or otherwise dangerous riding OR leave the ride.